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Ventriloquism: Magic With Your Voice

by George Schindler

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Category: Ventriloquism
Media Type: Book
Publication Summary: 1979, 149 pgs.
Format: Paperback

Product Description

This great book tells you:

What ventriloquism is all about

Basic "vent" techniques and how to do them

All about puppets and their movements

The fine art of animation

Novelty show secrets

The secret tricks of the trade

How to put your act together

And much, much more!

Author George Schindler, an internationally famous magicomedian, has kept audiences spellbound for over 55 years.

Mr. Schindler is co-founder of the School for Magicians in New York and is a member of the International Ventriloquists Association.
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2004
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February 7th, 2010 8:11am
Reviewed by Phil Tawa
This book is great. If someone is interested in the art I always recommend it or the Maher Home course. The book goes into detail on tongue positions for those hard sounds. I also make sure I never run out of it. You dealers, if this isn't on your shelf it should be.

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