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Fraidy Cat Rabbit

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Category: Childrens
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

In effect, you show a wooden stand 17-1/2 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches thick. The stand has both a front and back door and two sturdy feet to hold it up. The stand is finished in black and purple.

Show a large red wooden plaque, 17-1/2 inches by 8-l/2 inches. The plaque has a cute drawing of a black rabbit's head on it. You explain that this is your Fraidy-Cat Rabbit. All the kid have to do is shout Boo and the rabbit will change to white from fright. Insert the rabbit into the stand and close the doors. Count to three and have the kids shout BOO. As they shout you obviously turn the stand around. When you open the door, the rabbit has changed to white. Amazing, yes? The kids say NO. You just turned it around. Wait a second, we'll do it again. This time, get the kids to shout Boo backwards to make the rabbit change back to black. On the count of three, they shout OOB, OOB. As they shout, you turn the stand around. When you open the door, the rabbit has changed back to black. The kids are going nuts. You just turned it around. Let's see the other side. Give us the candy. Remove the plaque from the stand and go through all the business. Turn it this way. Then that way. You want to see the back of the rabbit? You do?? OK. Turn the plaque over, and there is the tail end of the rabbit. And, you cm hand them the plaque. WOW.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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July 17th, 2006 10:36am
Reviewed by Paul White
I perform Fraidy Cat the "chicken" rabbit whenever I can. I have the kids make the sound of thunder and of wind blowing in the trees as the sky gets dark - and our "chicken" Fraidy Cat rabbit turns as white as a ghost.

After much byplay, the only thing on the other side of Fraidy Cat is his end, and that's his tail, and that's the end of this tale about a chicken-cat-rabbit.

A great kids effect that is easy to perform and always enjoyed, even by those who have seen it a dozen times.
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December 19th, 2017 2:59am
Reviewed by Vincent
There is the jumbo and Parlor size Fraidy Cat Rabbit. It is one of the best Kid show Magic Tricks you can do. The ending is a great surprise too. It can even fool Adults! Angle proof and always ready to go. Highly recommended.
Your truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent

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