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Grand Illusions - The Story of Magic - DVD

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Categories: Stage, History
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description

Explore the rich, fascinating culture and history of magic. This six part series takes you inside the alluring and enchanted world of magic -- from the mechanical automata of Robert Houdin to the elaborate illusions of Penn and Teller, from the death defying escapes of Houdini to the bizarre and tragic feats of the sideshow performers.Part 1 - The Father of Modern Magic - Robert HoudinPart 2 - Houdini - The most famous magican who ever livedPart 3 - The Herrmanns - The dashing and daring conjuring brothers.Part 4 - The Greats of Modern Magic - Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Seigfried & RoyPart 5 - Weird Magic - Strange and gruesome feats of sword swallowing, glass eating and regurgitationPart 6 - Death by Magic - The bizarre and tragic accidents of dangerous illusionsOriginally sold on six separate VHS tapes, now all on one DVD (2 hrs, 40 min)!
Date Added: Oct 15th, 2003


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