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Ventriloquism of Today

by Stadelman, Paul

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Category: Ventriloquism
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Abbott's

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Ventriloquism is the art of projecting or 'throwing the voice' so that it seems to come from a different source. It takes long and steady practice to develop this ability. The sounds are produced in the usual method of talking, but the lips are held as nearly motionless as possible. A deep breath is taken and exhaled very slowly. Sounds are modified or changed by the muscles of the throat and palate. The attention of the audience is directed to the place from which the sound is supposed to come. This definition comes from World Book Encyclopedia.

That explains what it is, and the pages of this book will explain very clearly how to do it. So many books, courses and pamphlets have been written on this subject through the years. A few were written by ventriloquists, but most of them are a "rehash" of the older works with all the misinformation repeated over and over. Many of the authors had no experience as performers, which is obvious to any reader who has any knowledge of ventriloquism. Paul Stadelman was an experienced performer who teaches his knowledge in this eighty-four-page book.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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