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by Harkey, David

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Clandestine Productions

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Watch a book of matches burst into flame without touching it. Unlock a car of any make by pointing at it. Learn a false shuffle and bridge you will actually use. Drop a borrowed coin into your drink, bringing the liquid to a boiling froth, then spoon out the coin, bent like a used bottle cap. Turn a pack of cards into solid stone, splitting like a rock when you drop it. Automatically switch decks under the noses of your audience, using subtlety rather than sleight of hand. Pluck the petals from a daisy, ending on she loves me not. Then blow on the flower, making one petal reappear. She loves me. Five years in the making, here is a collection of street - tested magic with calling cards, coffee cups, matches, coins, bills, rubber bands, newspapers, playing cards. pencils and more. More than twenty effects in all. Hardbound.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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Official Review

August 1st, 2003 12:12pm
Reviewed by David Acer
In case you're wondering, there is precedent for a magic book comprised entirely of collaborations, but admittedly, not much. In 1987, Richard Sanders and Jay Sankey wrote When Creators Collide (published by Ben Harris), a collection of routines they co-created that received lukewarm reviews. It was, to be sure, a mixed bag, but it did contain a few sparkling gems (see Bound To Fool, A Change For The Better and all three Ambitious Card moves). The same could be said of this David Harkey/Eric Anderson treatise, Ah-Ha!

A slim, crisp, 90-page collection, Ah-Ha contains 20 routines, 7 with cards, and the rest using an assortment of miscellaneous objects - coins, business cards, stickers, flowers, newspaper, bills, your dog, and a baby's finger (by the way, if I see ONE MORE trick with a baby's finger...).

Highlights include Scatterbrain, a simple but terrific revelation of a word chosen freely from a page in the newspaper; Torque, a rich and visual... [Read More]

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