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A Magician Among the Spirits

by Houdini, Harry

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Category: History
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Kaufman & Co.

Product Description

The Original Manuscript, from the Christopher Collection - In 1924, Houdini's prized effort, A Magician Among The Spirits, was published. Much to his dismay, the editors at Harper & Brothers rearranged, rewrote and above all cut out huge portions of the text. The original typed manuscript for A Magician Among The Spirits survives in Milbourne Christopher's collection, unread except by a few people, for nearly half a century.

Now Richard Kaufman and Maurine Christopher have published the original typed manuscript in facsimile, with handwritten corrections by Houdini and Oscar Teale. The edition is limited to 1000 copies. This 400 page oversized book is adorned with the same sepia-toned rare photograph of Houdini that accompanies the manuscript. Covered in black cloth and housed in a matching slipcase. This book will be published only one time.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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