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Monte Test

by Anthony Stan

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Magic Smile Productions

Product Description

Monte Test is an original version of the famous three card monte routine. Anthony Stan presents to you a new approach with MULTIPLE PHASES, and where you finish completely CLEAN.

The game is simple, the spectator must find the winning card which is the different card (for example: the 9 of spades).

Phase 1: The spectator tries to find the winning card, but he is wrong.

Phase 2: The winning card (the 9 of spades) becomes red. Now, the card has a red back and it's easy to follow.

Phase 3: The spectator tries again but when the red card is revealed, it's not the winning card (for example: it's the 9 of hearts). The magician gives two other chances to the spectator but he is wrong on both of them. Then, the red backed card turns to a blue backed card once again.

Phase 4: The magician puts one card (the 9 of hearts) in his pocket and keeps only two cards in his hands. But now, these cards are the 9 of hearts and the winning card (the 9 of spades) is in the magician's pocket. Hand the cards to the spectator for examinationIncludes the cards and video instructions(English/Fran
Date Added: Aug 27th, 2016
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Official Review

January 8th, 2017 12:03am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You get a set of gimmicked cards and online instruction.


I like this monte routine. I particularly like the gimmicked cards because, while they don’t teach you how to make your own replacement cards, you could pretty easily make your own replacement cards should your cards wear out.

The card gimmicks are made from good quality bicycle cards.

The methods are clean, clear and well taught. If you are a beginner, then you will need to practice the moves a bit to get them down. If you are an advance magician, then you will need to learn the routine. It is a multiple phase routine that starts dirty and ends clean.

The explanation is good. It is online streaming video. I wasn’t able to download it, but it is available online for you to go back and watch as often as you like.

The ad is pretty fair. They accurately describe the multi-phase routine.


There are a lot of monte routines out there. This one is good,... [Read More]

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