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by Timothy Pressley

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Categories: Childrens, Comedy
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Timothy Pressley

Product Description

TaeWando is a magic wand that transforms into a pair of nunchucks!

Kids already have a secret suspicion that you're a ninja, how else can you accomplish all of your tricks? Now you can confirm their beliefs.

With TaeWando, you'll prove once and for all that the hand is quicker than the eye... Ouch! As you fiercely wave the nunchuck wand before each trick, you "accidentally" hit yourself time and time again... Every kid in the audience will be rolling on the floor in stitches.

The nunchuck wand's foam construction permits you to sling it around without breaking anything or seriously injuring yourself.

Just imagine the hilarious Kung-foolery that will arise from TaeWando!

Bonus Routine Included:

Banana Split is a three minute comedy routine where you demonstrates your ninja skills by slicing a banana without touching it. This routine has everything you would want in a children's magic routine: a simple plot line, audience participation, one liners and physical comedy, and an impossible feat of magic that requires no skill allowing you to focus on the presentation.
Date Added: Aug 26th, 2016
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Official Review

October 20th, 2017 3:09am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This is a different presentation (kind of) for an old "trick". Years ago Mac King appeared on a television special in the US and taught everyone how to do three different effects throughout the duration of the special. One of those was magically slicing a banana without peeling it first.

That is exactly what you are getting here, except the presentation uses foam nunchaku (sometimes erroneously called "numchucks") that start out looking like a big wand. The product photo shows you exactly what you are getting. The ad copy, in all its minimalistic nature, is 100% accurate.

The instructions included are a single sheet printed on both sides, they are clear and easy to understand. The presentation is very basic but if you perform for children, the built-in slapstick humor can be played for a lot of laughs.

You can go beyond what the instructions suggest, which is that you hit yourself a good number of times "accidentally" (thus the slapstick), however if you do not want to... [Read More]

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