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Transcendence (DVD and Gimmicks) - DVD

by Pellikaan, Peter

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Types: Trick, DVD
Publisher: Alakazam UK

Product Description

The most magical change of four cards you have ever seen!!!

Four spot cards are shown front and back. The cards are mixed face up and face down. Now with no funny moves the cards instantly change to four court cards, which once again are shown front and back!!!

Transcendence is a super quick, ultra-visual packet trick that will fool your spectators badly.

Peter Pellikaan, the undisputed King of crazy packet tricks has created one of the best four card changes we have ever seen!

Transcendence comes complete with everything you need to start using it straight out of the box.

Includes: in depth training DVD, gimmicks and carry wallet.
Date Added: Aug 24th, 2016
MLA SKU: 57bd45fa911a0


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Official Review

February 11th, 2018 3:44am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Transcendence is a single packet trick marketed by Alakazam Magic and created by Peter Pellikaan. It is an extremely visual transformation of 4 spot cards into 4 court cards in a matter of seconds…and then the trick is over. This trick is being sold for $25, which as explained below is a bit pricey for what you get.

With Transcendence you get a 30 minute DVD, the needed special Phoenix backed playing cards, a plastic card carrying case and a bit of something you will need to set up your cards. The DVD has three main sections; Performance, Explanation and Toolbox. The performance is a 27 second video with Pellikan performing his packet trick to two spectators as they are seated at a close-up table. The trick, as performed by Pellikaan is a beautiful thing to watch. The Explanation section of the trick is taught by Alakazam’s David Loosley and Pellikaan in about 10 minutes.

The Explanation section of the DVD is not Alakazam’s best work because Pellikaan, who is from... [Read More]

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