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Sharpie Wonder

by Joker Magic

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Joker Magic - Hungary

Product Description

With this Sharpie you can perform 10 "miracles"!
In the end everything can be examined, it can even be used for writing (ie. on a card)!

- turns around
- its cap wanders
- penetrates the hand
- bends
- vanishes
- appears
- shrinks
- penetrates the spectator's hand
- a golf ball appears from the Sharpie cap
- the min sharpie vanishes

Most of the tricks are almost automatic, the rest can be learned in minutes!
A specially designed and manufactured gimmick with endless possibilities!

The pack includes:
code for video explanation,
specially designed Sharpie,
exclusively developed mini Sharpie.
Date Added: Mar 20th, 2015
MLA SKU: 550bc579f0146


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Official Review

November 10th, 2015 11:18am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This contains two gimmicked sharpie markers. One allows you to make the marker appear to penetrate a solid. Using this gimmick, you can also make a sharpie cap disappear and appear again. You can also do manipulations with the sharpie where it distorts, disappears and appears in your hands. The second gimmick allows you to make a sharpie appear to shrink in size and you can hand out the mini sharpie for examination.

A bonus routine teaches you how to make a ball appear from the sharpie cap.


The ad copy says “In the end everything can be examined”. This is misleading. The first gimmick can’t be examined. During the performance, you go into your pocket with the gimmick and come out with a mini sharpie that can be examined.

The quality of the props is not good. With the main gimmick, the wording on the sharpie doesn’t line up. It appears that sections of the sharpie were eliminated in the process of making the sharpie, so portions of the Sharpie... [Read More]

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