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Divine Chaos (e-book)

by McCarthy, Sean

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: eBook
Publisher: Sean McCarthy

Product Description

Divine Chaos is Sean McCarthy's first release to the mentalism and magic community and it details a whole host of great magic/mentalism that is up to date. Sean uses current methods that will suit the modern performer. Whether you are learning his linguistic techniques for metal bending or reading his subtleties detailed for each effect it is clear to see Sean has taken some great principles and worked them, adding his own unique approach along the way.

In this, he brings you 7 practical , no nonsense effects for both close-up and stage. Each of these effects have been worked in the real world, over a period of two years.

Inside you will find:

Trippy - A powerful and practical drawing duplication, where the spectator never writes anything down.

ImprompCAAN - An impromptu Card at Any Number effect with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

Synister - An evolution of Sean's work on linguistics with metal bending (previously published in Deep Shadows by Dee Christopher).

The Gift of Giving - A stage effect in which the audience give the spectator a memory that he can keep for life.

Hide From Me - An impromptu which-hand test that is simple, direct and devious.

Bottoms Up - Russian Roulette in its purest form. A 50/50 chance between life and death.

China Bull - A propless system that allows you to seemingly, flawlessly reveal the childhood memories of a spectator.

Pages: 65 - 5.8" x 8.25" - PDF FORMAT
Date Added: Mar 4th, 2015
MLA SKU: 54f6bb8876248


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Official Review

March 23rd, 2015 7:23pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
My short review: I feel extremely disrespected as a reader. The pdf was LOADED with typos, to the point where the author recommends a resource for "cod reading."

That aside, most of the methods are not sure fire enough to even be considered methods. Granted, I'm not against psychological techniques, or the possibility of failure in a mentalism effect. However, this book does not cover what to do if the effects completely fail.

At one point the writer does recommend using a billet for one routine if you feel the spectator is "particularly difficult to read." However, why not just use the more sure fire method and focus on just having fun with the audience that has hopefully paid to see you?

These methods are so unreliable or impractical, that for one effect you need to visit to buy the needed materials.

Even these faulty methods would be forgivable if the book was edited well, or had any sense of style. Typos aside, the layout of the text centered,... [Read More]

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