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Balloon Creations

by Jones, Carl

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Category: Balloons
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

A BALLOON BOOK by Topper the Clown (aka Carl Jones)

WELCOME to the wonderful world of BALLOON SCULPTURE! On this CD-ROM Carl Jones shares 150+ electronic pages with EVERYTHING he ahs learned during the process of making those balloon creations! Carl says: "I mean EVERYTHIGN! I held nothing back. There is no "book two" in the works. What I learned, I have already included in this book! It's the sum total of my experience." Yes, what Carl shares on this huge book he learned the hard way. By sharing it with you, he is helping YOU sidestep the landmines! What took Carl years to learn, you'll learn right here from Day #1. And by using Carl's personal techniques in making balloon sculptures, you'll make FAR more money from this knowledge than without it!

Here are just SOME of the things you'll find in the book:
What kids really want Balloons on my list and why I make them Two most surprising balloons in sales What you should ask KIDS and PARENTS On-Site Advertising The Magic of Buttons Best Balloon Gags! Get kids to advertise for you What to say and do when you're asked for a balloon you can't make! Everything I know & believe about PRICING The balloon I will NOT make! Period. My required criteria for a balloon twisting gig Best lighting to get their attention What to say to kids while making balloons What to do with kids in line 10 things that you MUST NOT FORGET about twisting Don't do this if you want to make money! Make a $20 balloon in 3 minutes! 2000% investment return How to build a FREE mailing list Easy magic to increase you take-home pay Time-saving idea for $1 Ultimate Clown School A+ tip that you must do! What many parents have told me about our competition! The BIGGEST SECRET about giving away balloons! Dozens of color photos & drawings to make things clear PLUS hundreds more tips, gags, hints and how-to ideas about making balloon creations for profit!
HOW CAN YOU AFFORD NOT to own this huge book?
And at such a low, low price, you'll be thanking Carl Jones for the next ten years!

Over a 3-year period, Topper whipped me relentlessly with the same jokes. As I groaned and rolled my eyes, I saw child after child walk away with a balloon and a huge grin on his or her face. I respect the way Carl ensured his well-being while Topper entertained the kids endlessly.
- Bob Scott, Pizza Store Owner
Date Added: Sep 23rd, 2014
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