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Domino Effect

by Pandrea, Alex

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: The Blue Crown
Format: DVD + Gimmick

Product Description

The Domino Effect combines some of the most powerful elements in magic into one incredible routine. The magic is visual, it happens with every day objects, and it happens in the spectator's hands.

No matter where you go, sugar packets are everywhere. From the most casual diner to the most upscale restaurant, people are drinking coffee and adding sweetener. This makes The Domino Effect the ideal solution for any close-up performer from hobbyist to working professional.

The magician displays two packets of sweetener - one pink and one yellow. The spectator holds one in their closed fist, while the magician shows the other. In the blink of an eye, the magician's packet changes from yellow to pink, and the spectator is now holding the yellow packet in their hand.

On the DVD, Alex shows you how to use the included handmade gimmick, construct your own extra gimmicks, and perform the routine. He provides several additional tips and bonus ideas, including a completely impromptu and ungimmicked transpo of colored sugar packets.
  • Incredibly Visual
  • Includes Handmade Gimmick
  • Live Performance
  • Detailed Instruction
  • Multiple Handlings
  • Bonus Impromptu Transpo
Date Added: Jul 31st, 2014
MLA SKU: 53d9e976bce09


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Official Review

September 7th, 2014 12:18am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
“Awesome!” was the one-word description that table hopping spectators used to describe Alex Pandrea’s Domino Effect, released by his company, The Blue Crown. The Domino Effect is a modern version of the classic copper silver transposition routine, but using multi-color sugar packets instead of coins. The performer starts off with a pink packet of Sweet ‘N Low and a yellow packet of Splenda. The performer places both packets into the spectator’s hand and then removes one, leaving the other in the spectator’s closed hand. With the flick of the wrist, the packet in the magician’s hand changes colors (from yellow to pink) and when the spectator open’s her hand, the packet has changed from pink to yellow. This trick is extremely visual and easy to perform.

This trick is great because the gimmick is small and takes up virtually no room in your wallet, so you can carry it with you every day and use it in seemingly impromptu situations. Because the sweetener packets... [Read More]

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Official Review

December 14th, 2015 9:14am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I suppose, on the positive side, it is organic. I suppose it looks pretty good as a small miracle.

The moves are very easy.

The instruction is good.

The effect is true to the ad copy.

There is a bonus impromptu effect without the gimmick. I rather liked this little impromptu routine with un-gimmicked sugar packets.



Where do I start? Lets start with the method. There really isn’t much new here. This is a commonly used method for a bill switch. Also, the handling is very similar to handling that I have seen Eugene Burger do with a bill switch. I think the difference is that Eugene’s routine has more impact. Eugene does basically the same routine, but with gimmicked bills. Done with money, it has more impact. Also, money is as organic as sugar packets. Wait, I think money is more organic than sugar packets. If by organic, we mean things that people most relate to in their daily lives, then people can relate more to money than to... [Read More]

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