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Any Card At Any Birthday

by Boris Wild

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Penguin Magic

Product Description

In this brilliant presentation of Any Card At Any Number, Boris uses a spectator's birth date as the chosen number, adding a strong personal connection to the impact of the trick.

A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts and remains in its card case. A first spectator names her birth date (or freely names ANY number 1-52). It really is a free choice.

A second spectator freely names ANY playing card. Again, NO restrictions, it's a totally free choice.

A THIRD spectator takes the cards and counts down to the chosen number.


No rough and smooth

No sticky cards

No short cards

No table needed

No sleights

No memorized deck or mnemonic work

No formulas or sequences to remember

No mental calculations to learn.

On this jam-packed video, FISM champion Boris Wild teaches his coveted method for one of the most powerful card effects in history.

When Boris first presented ACAAB to the magic community, it was quickly recognized as one of the best methods for the "Any Card At Any Number" plot.

Things to note:

The performer does not touch the cards. He does not even open the card case. The spectator does everything.

Card is always revealed at the exact named number

No stooges involved and no "pre-show work". No assistants required at all

Can be performed on stage, stand-up, close-up and even walk-around

Cards can be freely handled by the spectator

Can be repeated with a different number and a different card each time

Uses a NORMAL deck of cards

Resets in seconds

Can be performed by ANYONE

Additional Features

Use the ACAAB method to perform a HIGHLY entertaining version of the classic “Any Card At Any Number” plot.

Memorized Deck ideas.

What to do if they name the top card or the bottom card.

Versions using a topit or a gimmicked jacket.

Ideas on using a Marked Deck vs “regular” Decks.

THIS is what Any Card At Any Number SHOULD look like.
Date Added: Jun 15th, 2014
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June 17th, 2014 1:02am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
What we have here is a workable version of an impossible card plot from a very creative magician. This is a one trick DVD but if any trick had the right to be published in that format it would be this plot by this author.

Many of you will already be aware of Boris Wild and his contribution to Any Card at Any Number. If you already have his book you can skip this but if you don't then this is a great find.

This is a workable handling of a classic plot . It should be noted that the name is somewhat of a misnomer, it can be performed as a true any card at any number, it is not limited to the dates on a calender. In the day of Facebook where it is so easy to find personal information online I prefer to perform it with the numbers 1-52 and with this method you are open to that possibility.

It is probably best performed with a jacket. Some ideas are given to adapt it for those who may use a vest but the most developed ideas come from a jacket.

For the purists out there the deck... [Read More]

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