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Nothing but the Truth

by Francis, Cameron

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Format: DVD + Gimmick

Product Description

A killer, self working packet trick that comes with 5 specially printed USPCC gaff cards.

"Incredibly awesome effect that I highly recommend you purchase." 4.5/5, -Jeff Stone, Magic

A card is selected by a spectator and hidden away. The magician (that's you) then reaches into their pocket and retrieves a state of the art Lie Detector machine. (Ok, it's actually a small packet of beautifully printed cards that you carry round in your wallet or purse).

A series of questions are asked of the spectator. "Is your card red or black? Is it a spot card or a court card?" - That kind of thing. The spectator can choose to honourably tell the truth or fib like an incorrigible scoundrel.

Each answer is 'input' into the lie detector (by placing one card from the top of the packet to the bottom for each letter of the random response), and the new top card is flipped face up. Incredibly this reveals either the word TRUTH or LIE (depending on whether the spectator was honest or not)!

Through this process the magician is able to correctly determine the value of the card picked by the spectator.

But that isn't the end of the trick. No siree bob! In a mind blowing display of magic awesomeness you now flip the lie detector packet over and show that ALL of the cards are in fact duplicates of the spectators chosen card!!

Funny, commercial, engaging and insane FUN, Nothing But The Truth is the perfect packet trick. It slips into your pocket, but plays HUGE! It is self working (with some more advanced handling options offered on the DVD) and leaves a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes!

  • Self working - perform with NO sleights!
  • Contains 5 specially printed Bicycle Cards.
  • Packs tiny, plays huge. This is an involving and entertaining routine, that can incorporate numerous spectators.
  • High production values and excellent in-depth teaching. Includes self working and more advanced handling.
  • Date Added: Jan 31st, 2014
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    June 1st, 2014 6:57pm
    Reviewed by MM Breggar
    Change of Pace

    A wonderful change of pace from the typical card trick workings. Easy to learn and perform (there is one very easy sleight to master -- more about timing than knuckle-busting!), you will have a great time performing this effect.

    NBTT plays much better in front of more than one spectator, but it is one of those tricks that demands not only audience participation but involvement. Some will argue that is more difficult than mastering obscure sleights, but watch the DVD carefully and see how Cameron performs it.

    In walk-around, I always make sure I have at least three people and spread the questions around. This gets everyone involved and helps to build an "emotional" connection. If done correctly, when you get to the kicker, you'll have more laughs and joys of astonishment than you could have imagined from this "little" packet trick.

    Thanks for the great effect, Cameron. Thanks too to the gang from Big Blind Media. They have pushed the envelope of... [Read More]

    Official Review

    April 29th, 2014 8:55pm
    Reviewed by Jeff Stone

    Review of Nothing But The Truth by Cameron Francis

    Five specially printed cards, 11 minutes of instruction, Big Blind Media, Cameron Francis and $25 bucks . . . is it Gem or is it Rubble. Stay Tuned.


    The effect is a classic plot of being able to discern whether a spectator is telling the truth or not. You ask them questions about their "selection" and spell their answers with a small packet of cards. The cards always know if the spectator lied or not. Then, as a kicker, all of the cards (that seemed to have "lie" or "truth" printed on them a moment ago) have become the selection.


    This is pretty much self-working. For the final display you'll need to do either an Elsmley Count or an Olram Subtlety, but that's as "hard" as it gets. The cards are not gimmicked. It's just a matter of following the procedure (which is very simple). The method can be mastered in a matter of minutes. The "hard"... [Read More]

    Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

    Official Review

    July 30th, 2014 5:11pm
    Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
    I really like this!

    This is definitely a deviation from your typical packet trick, though the theme of 'lie-detecting cards/deck' has been around for a long time.

    What you get are five high-quality cards printed by the USPCC which are all normal except for their backs, which I will talk more about in a moment and they are completely ungimmicked.

    The backs are printed with a lie detector graphic which ties into the effect and the faces are normal USPCC faces.

    The DVD is shot in a hotel room with Cameron Francis teaching everything you need to know to perform this effect. His crediting is minimal but it does not need much. The DVD is very good quality with crisp audio and video. Everything is clearly explained and a couple of alternative ideas are given where applicable. The menu is easy to navigate and the ad copy is 100% accurate.

    There is a short interview at the end where Cameron answers some questions asked by a disembodied voice from behind the camera. There is... [Read More]

    Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

    Official Review

    July 18th, 2015 4:02pm
    Reviewed by Doc Johnson

    IMO, This is in the top three packet tricks!

    It is super easy to do, provides for great audience interaction, easy to reset.

    This is a GREAT opener effect. You can see in the trailer how strong it plays. However, you should also consider that this effect can be used in a very powerful way to quickly create good rapport with a group of people.

    This is a great effect for stand-up, strolling, or street magic. Probably not best for stage, but it could be used well with a small stage audience or with a camera and screen.

    The instruction is very good and thorough. There are no difficult moves. Most anyone should be able to do this.

    The card quality is very good. As with any cards, they are not going to last forever, but the moves don't require them to be in perfect condition, so you could probably use the same set of cards for a very long time.


    The cards are not examinable.

    The outcome will always be the same, so you won't likely be repeating... [Read More]

    Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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