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by Eggink, Peter

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Category: Mentalism
Media Types: Trick, DVD, Utility Props
Publisher: PE Illusions

Product Description

A precision engineered mint box becomes your secret weapon!

Here are some KILLER routines that can be done with "Mintalist":

* Mintal Connection:
At any time you take out your mint box and ask your spectator to pour out ANY amount of mints in her hand BEHIND her back...Instantly you tell her the EXACT amount of mints taken! If you want, you can even PREDICT the amount of mints taken by your spectator. Different outcome every single time!

* Mintal Duet:
From a mixed color box of mints you pour out ANY amount of mints in your hand behind your back. Your spectator is then asked to do the same. Both hands are opened...and it's an EXACT match of both: AMOUNT and COLOR mints!

* Mintal Color Change:
Your spectator pours out ANY amount of mints in her hand behind her back. You not only predict the EXACT amount of mints taken...but also cause the mints INSIDE her hand to CHANGE COLOR!

* Mintal Separation:
From a mixed color box of mints your spectator pours out ANY amount of mints in her hand behind her back. She is then asked to concentrate on just one of the colors...when her hand is opened, ALL the mints have CHANGED into the color where she thought of!

This ULTRA COOL mint box is your new SECRET WEAPON that you'll always carry with you wherever you go. Freak them out with your AMAZING "Mintal" powers!

Mintalist comes complete with a very cool precision engineered mint box including mints and a full training DVD with bonus routines and handling tips.

*Points to keep in mind:
  • Super EASY to do
  • 100% Gimmicked
  • 100% Examinable
  • Self-Contained
  • Resets in Seconds
Date Added: Aug 2nd, 2013
MLA SKU: 51fb58f61d40d


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Official Review

August 12th, 2014 1:17pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Every once in a while I need to remind my readers of my take on writing reviews. This particular effect seems a good place to do so. Here's the skinny folks. Whether I like an effect or not is irrelevant. If I only like coin tricks, is it fair to say that Al Baker's The Pack That Cuts Itself is a bad trick/product? I think not. Every trick out there will attract different magicians. Many of you will like an effect that I'll not like and vice versa.

So how do I review tricks? I look at three main things:

  1. The Practicality of The Method

  2. The Quality of the prop/gimmick

  3. The honesty of the advertisement claims

If the method for the aforementioned Baker effect was that you needed a deck of 52 shimmed cards and a magnetic table, I might give the effect a lesser rating because it's not the most practical method. If the product came with shimmed cards and they were poorly made, again . . . lower rating.... [Read More]

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