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Ultimate Wild Card

by Vallarino, JP

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Category: Close Up
Media Types: Trick, DVD
Publisher: Arteco Productions

Product Description

Even if the basic effect remains the same, Jean-Pierre has revisited one of the most classic small pack of cards effect: The Wild Card, aka in French: Ultimate Cartes Folles...
This can easily become one of your classic effects to perform...

Effect: One by One, 8 identical cards transform into another 8 cards

"Ultimate Wild Card is one of my most advanced routines. I like to perform it on TV, because it is very visual, and can be performed while talking or on a musical background." Jean-Pierre Vallarino
Date Added: Mar 23rd, 2013
MLA SKU: 514d52fa16234


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Official Review

June 11th, 2015 4:41pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
There have been many variations and different handlings of this plot over the years, some good, some not-so-good, others very practical and yet again, others not so much.

This one fits, in my opinion, right into the category of the great versions.

First of all, the production quality is great - the sound, the lighting, the microphone volume, the video quality, all very good.

When you start the disc up, you are first asked to select whether you want to watch the disc in French or in English. I watched it the first time through in French and as you might expect, there were no problems. Then I decided to watch the English side, which is normally dubbed on DVDs like this (and it was) and boy, was I surprised! Normally dubbing work is really crappy because you cannot hear anything as they leave the volume of the background microphone all the way up, or higher than the volume of the dubbing voice. In this case, it was done perfectly - you could not hear Jean-Pierre at all, only... [Read More]

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