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Magic Switchboard

by Wellington

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A finely finished mahogany board is shown to have four different colored light bulbs, each with a switch of the same color in front of it. When the red switch in turned on, the red bulb lights. As each switch is turned on, the corresponding colored bulb in front of it lights. Nothing special so far. Now, the first two bulb's are removed from their sockets and their positions switched. They no longer line up with their matching switch. Even so, each switch still operates only its matching colored bulb. Throughout the routine, all the bulbs are moved around. Still, each switch only operates the bulb of corresponding color. Finally, with all the bulbs mixed up, you explain that it was better with the bulbs in front of their respective switches. Rather than unscrew all the bulbs, you remove the caps on the switches and replace them in the correct order. Again, all the switches are turned on and each colored switch operates only its matching bulb.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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February 23rd, 2004 3:21pm
Reviewed by Rey~Rey
I am a retired Industrial Electrician having once worked for such companies as the INTEL, IBM, Motorola, and Sitix Sumitomo Corporations.

Motor Control is my forte' and so it was with a tremendous amount of curiousness and enthusiasm in which I ordered
my large unit.

I wasn't in the least bit dissappointed with the well built and designed product. It's antique finish and traditional shelf materials mask it's deceptive modern programming interior.
Never once has anyone even remotely concluded anything more than what could be seen.

I am also enamoured with the fact that there is no quick moves or subtle sleights that are needed to appease all conditions and varying movements of both the bulbs and cap covers.

It withstands the greatest amount of scrutiny all around.
No gimmicks can be seen or found on the product.
The ad didn't embellish the truth in the least bit.

This one has fooled some very highly intelligent people in my circles of confidence.

I only wish... [Read More]
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October 14th, 2008 11:32am
Reviewed by Paul White
I love effects that I can "drop into normal situations." I am a Toastmaster. In Toastmasters we use Green, Yellow and Red lights to time speeches, and some clubs have a fourth "blue zapper" light to serve as a "hook" when someone has gone WAY over time.

With the MAGIC SWITCHBOARD by Wellington I can substitute a clubs "timing lights" for mine and weave a store about the mad Time Master who kept trying to confuse the rest of the club.

Very funny patter makes the illusion - the switchboard makes the magic. Because it is so perfectly constructed, I don't have to think about how to do the magic, I can focus on the storyline.

This is a wonderful piece of magic well worth the price.

Paul E. White
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July 4th, 2014 5:47am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

WARNING: Killer bonus presentation idea at the end



This is a tremendously devious device. It looks like a primitive device with four colored switches and four colored bulbs. However, you switch the bulbs, and the switches still light the correct bulbs!


This is probably not designed for walk-around. There is a large plug in version and a small battery version. The smaller version is probably best for a parlor type setting and the larger version would be good for parlor or stage.


I think the real challenge is how to present it. Here is an idea that I use:

I set this up by asking the audience if they want to see something that isn’t magic, but is really eerie. I ask them if they can keep this in confidence, because I don’t want any trouble.

I talk about how my grandfather was an electrician at an undisclosed secret location. Let’s just say in this area they now have many gift stores... [Read More]

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