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by Eric Ross

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: One-Trick DVD

Product Description

Election is a hands off miracle. A new, crushing enhancement to the 'You do as I do' routine or a shocking stand-alone effect with any deck. Two spectators are given two separate decks of cards. They both freely select cards and show the same card. This is all done in their hands with a normal deck that is completely examinable. Wait until you see the kicker on this one.

Plus you receive three bonus tricks that are simple; not only in the methodology but also in the way they are perceived by your spectators. Great magic should posses certain qualities; something a spectator can connect with, something that is visual and something that is completely impossible. The 4 effects you will learn on Election are just that, simple, beautiful and powerful.

Twisted- A great routine by itself but a better closer. Instead of a standard effect where a finger ring disappears, you make your finger disappear. It gets better... in a flash your vanished finger visually penetrates a solid finger ring.

Sucker- Visual, visual, visual. Bitten and restored sucker. You'll love the method to this one. It will be your favorite part of the effect.

Distorted- Eric's take on the card through bill illusion. This one is visual and impromptu.

Running Time Approximately 34min
Date Added: Mar 26th, 2009


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Official Review

August 12th, 2015 7:14am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

Election is a very strong effect. The explanation is good. The props are easy to obtain. The setup and cleanup is simple. It doesn’t reset instantly, but it is pretty easy to reset.

The bonus effects include a very cool addition to a ring routine. It is not an entire routine, but a very cool ring and missing finger effect. There is also a chewed and restored sucker effect that is not bad.


Election does have it’s drawbacks. First, it requires two gimmicked decks. Second, the participant can’t shuffle or mix up the cards in any way. Third, you have a gimmick on the deck that while it probably won’t be detected, it could So, this is not a foolproof routine. While it is stunning, I wouldn’t add it to a professional routine.

Another problem is storing the effect. I have found that given the gimmick used, it can be difficult to store the gimmicked deck in the card box.


The main effect is very strong, but has it’s significant... [Read More]

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