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by David Kemsley

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: DVD

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From the creative mind of David Kemsley comes Celltic.

This effect brings magic and modern technology together and makes the perfect trick for any situation. Any time & Anywhere. Let your mobile phone find the chosen card! Yes, your phone. This really is an amazing trick that will shock. It just seems impossible.

The trick needs a regular deck of cards and will work with most modern mobile phones. It goes with out saying you have to have a camera on your phone for this trick.
  • Impromptu!
  • No forces!
  • No Helpers!
  • You don't touch the phone!
  • Your cell phone!
  • Any time & Anywhere!
This instructional DVD teaches you how to turn your mobile phone into a powerful magic tool.
Date Added: Dec 7th, 2007


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Official Review

June 8th, 2008 12:06pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is an effect from Who’s Magic. As in all the Who’s Magic DVDs I have watched the video was horrible. It looked like it was shot with someone’s cell phone. The pictures and graphics on this DVD look like a muddled, fuzzy, nightmare.

The effect behind this DVD is that a card is selected shuffled back into the deck and then one by one cards are passed under your cell phone’s video camera. When the chosen card is passed under the phone an alarm goes off and it is found to be the selected card.

I do not like the premise of this effect at all. First, your cell phone seems to have the power, not you. Second, why are you passing it under you cell phone? No reason is given. In fact, the author never gives any kind of script at all. The claim is that you will only need your cell phone. That is not true. You will need a type of hand held alarm to signal when the selected card is placed under the cell phone. Off the top of my head, I could have thought of at least... [Read More]
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