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Learn Magic via Computer DVD

Magic Product Name Author / Creator Media Type Retail Price Rating
Complete Course in Pick Pocketing PLUS Borra Combo (EBOOK) Pierre Jacques Computer DVD $34.95 -
Hein's Catch Up Karl Hein Computer DVD $29.99  (2)
Magigram (Complete, CD-Rom) Various Computer DVD $80.00 -
Memory Relapse Jay Sankey Computer DVD $20.00  (1)
The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers Danny Orleans Computer DVD $129.00  (1)
The Card That Can't Be Palmed training video Nathan Kranzo Computer DVD $7.99  (1)
The Lighter Leash Combo Pack plus training video Nathan Kranzo Computer DVD $11.95  (1)
Tip Trey Video Nathan Kranzo Computer DVD $7.95  (2)
Vanishing Coins John Carney Computer DVD $35.00 -
Whispering Die Richard Osterlind Computer DVD $58.95  (1)
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