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Review of At the Table Live Lecture - Marcus Eddie 7/2/2014

Official Review

October 31st, 2014 7:10am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Now THIS lecture has got some high voltage energy to it - seriously!

Marcus was very upbeat during the entire lecture and I am not sure if it was nervous energy or what, but he laughs/chuckles a lot, but he was a great demonstrator and teacher throughout the entire lecture. He explains everything very clearly and leaves nothing to chance. Oh, and he says, "boom" a lot. A lot...

As was pointed out during the introduction, most close-up magicians work with cards and so does Marcus, but this entire lecture only has two card effects in it! Everything else is done with common objects.

There is quite a bit of material packed into this lecture along with pointers on developing your own style and your own effects or routines with existing material. With the exception of one or two items, most of this stuff is incredibly easy to do and with the same couple of exceptions, most of this material is suitable for walkaround conditions. Those two exceptions can also be performed in those venues but you will have to watch your angles at one point during each of them.

Two of my favorite non-card effects were his 'Something Borrowed' where a borrowed finger ring penetrates on and off a key tag - very commercial with lots of branding/marketing possibilities - and 'Paper Cut' which is a VERY clean and VERY deceptive bill penetration. This one really looks good!

I love the Dan Harlan 'Traveling Cash' effect and Marcus explains his take on that, which is marketed as a download and has been a big hit ever since it was released. He has some very nice touches that make it even more visual and even more impossible.

I may be wrong, but I seem to remember his take on the Torn & Restored Card plot being released as a download too, perhaps not. In any case, he explains his version which is called 'Reconnect'. It is not as open or visual as others out there, but it is good and can be quite convincing if you play it right. If you judge it only by the display at the end, you end clean with this version.

If you are looking for fresh, clean and commercial magic that does not involve a deck of cards to use in your own close-up sets, this is definitely the lecture for you. Whether you have seen Marcus Eddie perform or lecture before or not, you will enjoy not just the material but also the personalities of both Marcus and the as usual wonderful host, Mike Hankins.

I watched this lecture twice because I was stuck on the rating the first time through, but after the second time, I cannot see why this lecture should get anything less than 5 stars and a very high recommendation!

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