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Review of Gift of the Magi

Official Review

April 23rd, 2014 11:29pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is one of the more beautifully produced items I’ve received for review as of late.

It’s a perfect holiday effect which is perfect for kids, and leaves them with an unforgettable souvenir. While the method isn’t new, and won’t excite those looking for the newest, cleverest ideas, the routine is gold for a worker.

Included are a beautiful instruction booklet with super clear illustrations, and instructions in two languages. Don’t worry, one of them is English.

You also get all the materials and templates for both make presents appear under a drawing of a Christmas tree, and to pluck one of those gifts from the picture to give away!

I hate using the word ‘cute’ when it describes a magic effect, because I think it conveys that the trick has entertainment value, and no mystery value. I think it’s appropriate in this case, because this item is charming, AND powerful.

Take into account that you’ll only be able to perform this for basically one month out of the year, but as working professionals know, that month is the busiest month of the year for us, and so you will definitely have plenty of chances to make a return on your investment if you add this wonderful piece of close up holiday magic.

Five Stars

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