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Review of Tool (Gimmick and DVD)

October 25th, 2014 3:20am
Reviewed by Samuel Prior
I do like this DVD and gimmick and it does have many different effects coming off of it. Not all of them are practical, but they do work and look very good.
The DVD is a bit confusing to navigate, but when you get there the content is very good. It is shot in a living room, and performed on a coffee table. When you understand the principle of the DVD, all of the tricks are relatively easy to figure out and perform. There are no live performances on this DVD, and I think that is a shame because it would be nice to see how he would perform it to an actual audience, not just a camera. All of the effects are performed in silence, and then are explained. I'm not too sure why he performs them in silence, it might be because he wants to show you that you don't have to say anything and the magic communicates for itself, however the patter really does help a trick's performance. It could also be a way of getting around the language barrier, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I think that this sort of magic might be best suited for TV or YouTube, or would even look very good on a magic showreel, however it still does work when performing it live, it is just a bit risky.

All of the effects on the DVD are decent, and I especially like torn and restored card, wrong card, and William pro. Torn and restored card is probably one of the most visual and impossible routines, and plays the best to a live audience, because at the end you are left with a restored card which is crying out to the audience to be examined, which you can give to them meaning the attention is drawn away from the card box which is also wanted to be examined, but not so much because it isn't the main effect, it is just an add on.

Wrong card is basically what it says on the tin. It is relatively easy to perform, and is fool proof. It is the MOST visual effect on the DVD, because it is a simple change, and is very quick and stripped down to make it more impossible. It is the sort of trick on the DVD which is better suited to a showreel or something like that.

William Pro is a twist of the classic trick which everyone knows. It is perfect for the moments when someone comes up to you and says, 'can I show you a trick?' And when I agree and hand over the cards they start doing the trick where I take out a card and insert it back in the deck and then it is the only one turned around. They always ask if I know how they did it after they performed, and now with this trick I can say yes, ask them to take out a card, insert it back into the deck, and at this point they normally agree that I know how it is done and start playing along, and then I take the card box and tap it on the deck, and then all of the cards turn over apart from their card. They are completely shocked and surprised, but also amazed at the same time! This is why I like William pro, and it is one of my favourite effects on the DVD.

The gimmick does it's job, and does what it should do, however they do get worn out easily, and it would be good if they offered a refill pack.

On the whole the DVD is good, and contains some good and some not so good content. If you like what you see on the trailer, then you get what you see, and if that's your performing style then get this DVD. Good audience management is also key, because you can't let them inspect the card box, which is the main focus of the effects. For the price you get some good magic and a good gimmick, and a fairly good product. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks that this is their style.

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