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Review of Shock Twist

Official Review

March 27th, 2015 2:23am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a great little packet trick and Gary Jones does a good job of demonstrating an entertaining little routine.

One thing I really like about the props is you have the option of purchasing your own refills, or, if you purchase a few things, you could make your own refills. One of my personal pet peeves is having to constantly purchase refills, especially if I have to purchase the entire effect just for the refills.

The instruction is short and to the point.


I think the awkward thing about packet tricks is they need a premise. See the suggestions section for a premise idea.

Most of the instruction was good. However, I think it would have been good to show how to do a cleanup to be able to hand out the cards for examination.


One of the best packet tricks.


A great premise for this trick is to ask people if they collect anything. Then, offer to show them you card collection. You show them your four of a kind and it is humorous.

If you learn to do a gamblers cop, you could clean up at the end and hand out the four of a kind for examination. You could go into your pocket to retrieve the packet trick holder as you take care of the ditch. While it is not necessary to hand things out for examination, it is nice to have that option.

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